Saturday, 2 February 2013

A (few) weeks to remember!

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! What a great few weeks we've been having!!! :oD

On January 16th, Ryan broke his mobile! He had been getting up on his knees (by balancing the back of his head on his crib "walls") to play with it. Occasionally, he would pull on it and pull it right down. This day he snapped the arm right in half!

My Dad was able to fix it and I added some heavy duty duct tape to it but it only lasted a few more days. :o(

This video was taken on the 20th of January - he was trying so hard to pull up:

On January 21st (the 2 year anniversary of when we met with the neurologist for the first time), Ryan pulled up to stand for the very first time!!! He did this at Quin's craft table and fell a split second after he got upright but still...he did it!!! Such a HUGE feat! My Mom was with me to witness the amazing event (just like she was when he got up into a sitting position by himself) and oh did she ever WHOOP with joy! hehe...

On the 24th of January, he pulled to stand for the first time in his crib!!! This to me was what I had been wait for...that moment when (as a Mom) you walk into your child's room and see them standing up in their crib peeking out at you and the world!

Standing in his (heavily padded) crib for the first time:

I think it was the day after this picture was taken that the mobile was done for good!

On the 29th of January he pulled to stand for a 2nd time in his crib and then later that night he pulled up on the couch - first time!!!

Standing at the couch for the first time (look at Quin smiling at him):

Since then he's been pulling up on everything and anything! The other night we were playing on the floor when he tried pulling up on my leg! This "inch"stone is so significant to me because for one it shows he physically is able to do it (with a lot of work - at times his little arms literally shake with the effort of pulling). Visually he's motivated to do it! Cognitively/neurologically he's knows he wants to and CAN do it! If he's too far away from something once he's pulled to stand he will walk his feet forward until he's in a comfortable and stable position - it's a beautiful thing to watch! Here is a little video of him in action (what a difference 10 days makes):

The last 10 days of January were easily the most amazing that things have been in the last 2 years (relating to Ryan). His mood was SO fantastic! Not a day went by when he wasn't smiling and or laughing and giggling! He's been getting a little grumpy the last couple of days though as his final 2 year molar is still giving him a world of trouble. There are now 2 corners waiting to come through but they just won't!

This video here is without a doubt the most touching thing I've seen in a long time. Ryan woke from his nap on January 30th and for some reason Quin wanted to go up to see him. This isn't something she normally does - I grabbed the iPad and started video taping the monitor to see what she was up to. What happened next took my breath away - it's such a sweet moment - sweet and smart little Quin understanding the magnitude of her brother's accomplishments - couldn't not love them both anymore:

Here is a picture taken from the monitor about 5 minutes or so after the video was taken (at the other end of his crib)...I'm still just so emotional about it all (and proud and needing to share)! :o)

And then there's this one...taken today (February 2, 2013):

Like I said it's been a great few weeks. If you had told me 2 years ago that I'd be feeling this fantastic I'd have looked at you like you had not 2 heads but 5,371 heads! The memories of 2 years ago are still very raw and I expect they will be for some time to come...but like with many things time does heal and you move on - after all the past is the past. I wish however that given all the exciting things that have been happening lately why have I been plagued by this gnawing anxiety?!?!?! I'm not sure but I'm only assuming it's because when things are going so great they generally crash and burn soon after. I'm not trying to sound like a drama queen...if you've read the blog you know what I'm talking about. Ryan can have these great spurts of development and happiness then not long after all h*ll breaks loose.

Time will tell and we'll see...